How does it work?

You connect your EV or home charger

Charge Ahead uses a free mobile app powered by to connect to your EV or home charger to the program. Create an account and enroll in Charge Ahead today!

The app calculates your off-peak charging

Your connected EV or home charger’s telematics tracks your charging in real time to determine when you are charging your EV during off-peak periods to earn your incentives.

Your EV automatically smart charges on your schedule

Your EV will always be charged by your customized schedule. The app measures battery state of charge, charge speed and kilowatt-hours (kWh) required to ensure your EV is charged by your “ready by” time each day.

You can view your charging consumption and costs

Your charging history is displayed on your personalized Dashboard and Stats screens in the Charge Ahead app, powered by, including estimated charging costs.

What are you waiting for?

Join Madison Gas and Electric EV drivers in the Charge Ahead program.

Managed charging rewards

How Do I Earn Cash for Charging?

Standard Rate Customers - Spring/Summer

Enrollment Bonus

Standard Rate Customers

Spring-Summer Off-peak Charging

Earn $8 per month between June and August for charging a minimum of 80% of the time during off-peak periods.

Standard Rate Customers - Fall/Winter

Enrollment Bonus

Standard Rate Customers

Fall-Winter Off-Peak Charging

Earn $4 per month between September and May for charging a minimum of 80% of the time during off-peak periods.

Time of Use Rate Customers

12-Month Participation Bonus

Time of Use Rate Customers

MGE will not initiate charging during peak times. You can expect to see savings on your monthly energy bill by charging during off-peak periods.

What EV Owners Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, thousands of EV drivers already enjoy earning incentives with SmartCharge New York
"There are perks that come within SmartCharge New York. You can become an Ambassador, like I am. Why wouldn't you want to get paid? Plenty of incentives out there for any would-be EV owner."

Lisa and Servulus

SmartCharge New York participants - Canarsie, Brooklyn

"I have fallen in love with EVs - they're clean, powerful, and fast. The great thing about SmartCharge New York is if you commit to charging off peak you get money for participating in the program."

Paul Eng

SmartCharge New York participant - Bellerose, Queens

"I'm an environmentalist, and for me, it's doing what we can to minimize our carbon footprint. The SmartCharge NY program is great - I love it."

Miles and Peter McCartt

SmartCharge New York participants - Eastchester, N.Y.

"SmartCharge is a wonderful program where they give you money back for charging your electric vehicle during off-hours."

Michael and Suzanne Kelly

SmartCharge New York participants - Yonkers N.Y.

"SmartCharge's amazing dashboard provides stats - we saved 5,800 pounds of carbon dioxide last year!"

Rahul and Ankita

SmartCharge New York participants - Arden Heights, Staten Island

"SmartCharge is a no brainer - it saves you money!"

Susan and Jesse

SmartCharge New York participants - Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

"SmartCharge rewards me for overnight charging - making owning EVs more affordable."

Paola, Amalia, and Trevor

SmartCharge New York participants - Astoria, Queens

Who knew smart charging could be so simple?

Join your fellow EV drivers in the Charge Ahead program

Need any help?

If you need Charge Ahead support please refer to the FAQ or contact us by email at


Who is eligible for Charge Ahead?

MGE residential electric customers who own or lease an EV and charge at home. A list of eligible electric vehicles and compatible chargers is below:

Supported Chargers


  • e-Tron 2019+


  • 3 Series PHEV 2016+
  • 5 Series PHEV 2017+
  • 7 Series PHEV 2017+
  • i3 2017-2021
  • i3 +REX 2017-2021
  • i8 2017-2020
  • X3 PHEV 2020-21
  • X5 PHEV 2017+


  • Bolt 2017 - 2022*
  • Bolt 2023+
  • Bolt EUV 2022*
  • Bolt EUV 2023+
  • Volt 2017-19


  • Model 3 2017+
  • Model S 2012+
  • Model X 2016+
  • Model Y 2020+

*Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV models prior to 2023 must have completed the recall service in order to be eligible.

Can I participate if I live in an apartment or condo?

Yes, apartment and condo residents are eligible to participate if you have a dedicated charging stall.

How will MGE manage my charging?

MGE uses a platform called that allows us to connect to your vehicle and obtain your charging preferences (ready-by time) to optimize charging through the telematic system in your vehicle. MGE will primarily shift eligible customers charging to times when the grid is less busy (off-peak) but may control vehicle charging during periods of high demand, high energy cost, when renewables are available and/or for testing purposes.

Learn more about how the algorithm works here.

What is off-peak, and when does it occur?

Off-peak is the time of day when energy use on our community grid is low.

MGE's off-peak hours are weekdays from 9 p.m. to 10 a.m. as well as weekends and holidays.

Maximize your off-peak charging with these helpful smart charging tips.

I have a Chevy Bolt or Bolt EUV model impacted by the recall. Is my vehicle eligible?

Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV models prior to 2023 must have completed the recall service in order to be eligible. For more information on the Bolt and Bolt EUV recalls, see the link here:

Can you ensure my vehicle will be available when I need it?

In the app, you enter the time you need your vehicle charged and ready to go. You also can press the Boost button to override managed charging and begin charging immediately.

Learn more about how the algorithm works here.

How will I be rewarded for my participation?

If you are on MGE's standard rate and shift at least 80% of your monthly charging to off-peak hours, you will receive a monthly reward for participating in Charge Ahead. Rewards will be paid quarterly at a rate of $8 per month for June through August and $4 per month for September through May. These rewards will be paid out on a quarterly basis via Paypal or Venmo. You will be able to enter your Paypal or Venmo information through the app.

If you are enrolled in our Shift & Save (time-of-use) rate, you can expect to see savings on your monthly energy bill by charging during off-peak periods

How do I connect my EV to the app?

Once you download the app, we'll ask you to connect using your EV account (BMW ConnectedDrive, Tesla, Audi Connect, Chevrolet OnStar, FordPass) username and password.

Are my username and password secure? will not see or store your EV account, username and password. When you enter your username and password into the app, instantly exchanges them for a secure token that allows us to access your account and optimize your charging. Check out's privacy policy.

What information from my vehicle is shared with MGE and

The following vehicle data will be shared with MGE and
- Battery level
- State of charge
- Charging history including kilowatt-hours (kWh) delivered per half hour
- GPS coordinates for charging locations

How will use my EV account to manage charging?

The app will measure battery capacity and charging power to estimate kWh required to ensure your vehicle is fully charged by the time you entered.

Will MGE manage my charging away from home, for example, at a public charger?

No. MGE will manage charging only when your vehicle is plugged in at the address provided in the app.

Where can I review the Charge Ahead Participation Agreement?

Feel free to review the Charge Ahead Participation Agreement here

How much you can earn

See what real participants have been earning

Average Participant
3-Month Bonus
Avoided Summer Peak
Off-peak Charging
250 kWh
1500 kWh
6250 kWh
Annual Survey
Total Earned