How the Charge Ahead smart charging algorithm works

The algorithm that the Charge Ahead app powered by uses, prioritizes, and optimizes your charging in four ways:

1. Meet Your Charging Needs

Most importantly, the platform ensures your EV is charged by your designated "ready by time", which you can customize in the Smart schedule settings.

2. Charge when its Most Affordable

The algorithm then aligns your charging to maximize off-peak charging for customers not on a Time-of-Use rate, and to periods of the lowest cost electricity to optimize off-peak savings for customers on Time-of-Use rates.

3. Support the Energy Grid

Your smart charging is also scheduled to coincide with periods of low electricity demand, while the energy grid is less congested, supporting a more balanced grid.

4. Charge using the Cleanest Electricity

Lastly, the algorithm uses carbon-intensity feeds to determine when low-carbon energy sources are abundantly available, to charge during the cleanest periods.