Smart Charging Tips

To get the most out of the Charge Ahead program and take full advantage of the smart charging capabilities, follow these helpful tips.

And if you ever have an issue or charging concern or question, do not hesitate to reach out to

1. Turn on Smart Charging

The easiest way to ensure your vehicle is charged when you need it, and charges off-peak as much as possible is by enabling smart charging in the app.

Click onto the Smart tab, scroll down to the Smart Charging toggle and turn it on. As long as you have set your ready-by times in the smart schedule, the platform will optimize charging to both meet your needs and charging off-peak whenever possible.

2. Set your ready-by schedule

The Charge Ahead app powered by has a smart scheduler setting within the Smart tab.

Here you can customize and set your "ready-by" time each day of the week to meet your home charging needs.

The algorithm will always prioritize your charging to give you the charge you need when you need it - unless you have "Only Charge Off-Peak" enabled and do not have your car plugged-in long enough.

3. Turn off charging timers set in your vehicle and home charger apps

While the Charge Ahead platform powered by may be able to override your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicle and home charger app charge timers, for the greatest reliability we recommend you turn those OEM timers off.

Your vehicle infotainment system may also have charging schedule settings that can be configured from your dashboard. Again, we recommend these timers be turned off to avoid scheduling conflicts with the ready-by schedule you have set in the app.

4. Don't forget to plug in when you get home

Charge Ahead not only syncs your personal charging needs with off-peak electricity periods, but it will also optimize your charging to low-carbon energy generation and "grid-friendly" times.

The best way that you can do your part, while also ensuring your car always gets the level of charge you need is to plug it in to your home charger whenever you are home. Its that simple.

5. Try enabling "Only Charge Off-Peak"

Turn on the "Only Charge Off-Peak" feature in the Smart tab to maximize your savings or incentives.

This feature ensures your car will only charge during off-peak periods, and never during higher cost times of the day. With this setting, you will need to ensure your car is plugged-in off-peak long enough to get the charge that you need.

If you are on a time-of-use rate and using Charge Ahead to manage your charging, only charging off-peak will lower your electricity bills.

If you're earning Charge Ahead monthly incentives on a flat rate, turning this feature on ensures you are maximizing your eligibility for incentives.